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Triple Grating Monochromators

Model: 7ISW501
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Shipping Weight: 25kg

Unit Price: $5,040.00

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  • Czerny-Turner optical design for high resolution & maximum throughput while minimizing stray light & aberrations

  • Triple ruled gratings used for high efficiency ultraviolet to visible wavelength scanning

  • Single or dual output port version

  • Micrometer adjustable slits

  • Utility software and an ActiveX Control file included

  • Control with USB and RS-232

  • Nitrogen connector is available for UV and NIR testing

  • Entrance is compatible with our light sources and fiber interface

  • Exit is compatible with our single-point detector and other accessories

  • The precision worm & gear structure guarantee the high accuracy and repeatability

  • Optics chamber and mechanical drive chamber are separated to reduce stray light and pollution to optical components




This series of Monochromators is a high performance, economical and user-friendly monochromator – an ideal instrument for research and OEM applications.

This series of Monochromator uses an asymmetrical in-plane Czerny-Turner optical configuration. The optical configuration is designed to ensure high resolution and maximum throughput. The F/8 monochromator is optimized to provide excellent stray light rejection while minimizing aberrations. Its wavelength drive is designed to increase speed as much as possible without sacrificing accuracy or precision.

Utility software is included to control both the monochromator and filter wheel. An ActiveX Control file and an easy-to-understand command set are provided for those wanting to create their own programs by LabView or other programing languages.



Model 7ISW501 7ISW502 7ISW503 7ISW504
Focal Length 500mm
F/# F/8
Stray Light 5x10-4
Minimum Step 0.0023nm
Number of Gratings Supported 3
Grating Name Grating S55x55x6
Grating Size 55mmx55mm
Standard Grating OG1200-300(1200g/mm, λp=300nm)
OG600-750(600g/mm, λp=750nm)
OG300-1250(300g/mm, λp=1250nm)
Wavelength Selection Method Motorized
Output Ports 1 Axial Exit 1 Lateral Exit 2 2
Output Ports Selection Method N/A N/A Manual Motorized
Slits Micrometer Slits
Slits Height 14mm
Slits Width 10µm-3mm
Communication Interfaces RS232 and USB
Size 560mmx320mmx204mm
Weight 22kg


Specifications of Optional Gratings:

Grating Model Linear Dispersion (nm/mm) Accuracy (nm) Repeatability (nm) Resolution (nm) Theoretical Spectral Range (nm) Mechanical Spectral Range (nm)
OG2400-250 0.8 0.1 0.05 0.03 185-500 0-550
OG1800-250 1.1 0.15 0.08 0.04 185-500 0-730
OG1800-500 330-730
OG1200-250 1.7 0.2 0.1 0.05 185-500 0-1100
OG1200-300 200-600
OG1200-500 330-1000
OG600-500 3.4 0.4 0.2 0.1 330-1000 0-2200
OG600-750 500-1500
OG600-1000 660-2000
OG600-1250 830-2200
OG300-500 6.8 0.8 0.4 0.2 330-1000 0-4400
OG300-1250 830-2500
OG300-1800 1200-3600
OG300-3000 2000-4400
OG150-4000 13.6 1.6 0.8 0.4 2600-8000 0-8800
OG66-DB 30.6 3.7 1.8 0.9 2500-25000 0-20000
OG50-12000 41 5 2.5 1.2 8000-24000 0-26400

If you want to choose other gratings, please confirm the price before ordering.


Optical Design:




7ISW503, 7ISW504:



Micrometer Slit:








SolidWorks Model(.STEP):










User Manual:

  7ISW50 Series Monochromator User Manual (.pdf)

Software and ActiveX Control:

  Software (.zip)

  ActiveX Control (.zip)

  Commands (.pdf)

  LabVIEW Example (.zip)

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Motorized Linear Stages:


  CE-Motorized Linear Stage_1(.pdf)


  CE-Motorized Linear Stage_2(.pdf)


Manual Linear Stages:


  CE-Manual Linear Stage_1(.pdf)


  CE-Manual Linear Stage_2(.pdf)


Motion Controllers:


  CE-Motion Controller_1(.pdf)


  CE-Motion Controller_2(.pdf)


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