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Our motorized linear stages are perfect for a variety of applications that require high precision and accuracy. Featuring ground lead screws / ball screws and high precision guideways, our motorized translation stages offer exceptional performance, with different travel range, speed, accuracy and load capacity options to choose from.

No matter what your needs are, we have an assembly of translation stages that will suit them. Our XY stage is perfect for applications where two axes of movement are required, while our XYZ stage is ideal for when you need movement in all three axes. We also have the XZ stages if you only need movement in those two axes.

Our motion controller allows for easy and precise control of the stage, and we provide serial port commands, ActiveX files, DLLs and software to make integration quick and easy. Contact us to learn more about our motorized linear stages and how they can benefit your application. We also provide an exampl.vi to show how to use our ActiveX object/DLL by LabVIEW.


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