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5-Axis Motorized Positioning Stage

Model: MOA-200
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Shipping Weight: 35kg

Unit Price: $6,232.00

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Product Description


  • 5-axis motorized stage with translation, lifting, rotation and goniometer function.

  • Travel range of X and Y axis stage is from 200mm to 400mm.

  • Travel range of rotation stage is 360°.

  • NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 stepper motors drive and DB9 interface.

  • Zero position switch and Limit switch.

  • Hand wheel for manual drive.



The 5-axis motorized stage is combined by two motorized linear stages, one motorized vertical translation stage, one motorized rotation stage and one motorized goniometer. It provides five degrees of freedom adjustment. By using our motion controller, customer can control the stages automatically.

We can assemble all kinds of multi-axis stage according to customer’s requirement. Please contact us if you have other special requirement on the multi-axis stage. We will provide suitable solution for you.

It is connected with our motion controller via DB9 interface and it can be controlled by our computer software via RS232 interface on controller.








Stages Included

2 x MOX-06-200

1 x MOZ-160-12
1 x MOR-200-90

1 x MOG-130-10

2 x MOX-06-300

1 x MOZ-160-12
1 x MOR-200-90

1 x MOG-130-10

2 x MOX-06-400

1 x MOZ-160-12
1 x MOR-200-90

1 x MOG-130-10

Travel Range

XY Translation Stage: 200mm

Z Axis Stage: 12mm

Rotation Stage: 360°

Goniometer: ±10°

XY Translation Stage: 300mm

Z Axis Stage: 12mm

Rotation Stage: 360°

Goniometer: ±10°

XY Translation Stage: 400mm

Z Axis Stage: 12mm

Rotation Stage: 360°

Goniometer: ±10°

Top Platform Size


XY Translation Stage Screw Pitch


Z Axis Stage Screw Pitch


Rotation Stage Transmission Ratio


Goniometer Transmission Ratio


Resolution (8 Subdivision)

XY Translation Stage: 3.125μ

Z Axis Stage: 0.5μ

Rotation Stage: 0.00125°

Goniometer: 0.0005357°

Maximum Speed (2 Subdivision)

XY Translation Stage: 40mm/sec

Z Axis Stage: 10mm/sec

Rotation Stage: 25°/sec

Goniometer: 10°/sec


XY Translation Stage: 5μ

Z Axis Stage: 3μ

Rotation Stage: 0.005°

Goniometer: 0.004°

Motor Type

XY Translation Stage: NEMA23 Stepper Motor (1.8°)

Z Axis Stage: NEMA23 Stepper Motor (1.8°)

Rotation Stage: NEMA23 Stepper Motor (1.8°)

Goniometer: NEMA17 Stepper Motor (1.8°)

XY Axis Stage Backlash


Maximum Static Torque

1.2Nm (NEMA23 Motor) / 0.4Nm (NEMA17 Motor)

Rated Current

2.8A (NEMA23 Motor) / 1.7A (NEMA17 Motor)

Rotation Stage Zero Position

Built-in (Hall-Effect Switch)

Center Load Capacity








5-Axis Motion Controller

MOC-02-5 / MOC-02-5-110


Motion Controller:


02 series motion controller can be used to control motorized stage with NEMA23 stepper motor. We have 220V and 110V power supply options for each motion controller. The USB line can be used to connect the motion controller to laptop. Please click following links to get more information.


MOC-02 Series Motion Controller (for NEMA23 Stepper Motor, 220V)


MOC-02 Series Motion Controller (for NEMA23 Stepper Motor, 110V)


Software & User Manual:







Pin Layout:


  Pin Layout of Motorized Linear Stage (PDF)


  Pin Layout of Motorized Lab Jack (PDF)


  Pin Layout of Motorized Rotation Stage (PDF)


  Pin Layout of Motorized Goniometer (PDF)

Datasheet of Stepper Motor:


  DataSheet of NEMA17-1.8 Stepper Motor.pdf (PDF)


  DataSheet of NEMA23-1.8 Stepper Motor.pdf (PDF)

SolidWorks Model(.STEP):





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